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THINK! Christmas Drink Drive Campaign

30 November 2018

This Christmas the THINK! campaign wants to encourage young men to step in when their mate is tempted to drink drive. 

Mates are highly influential in young peoples lives and we want to embrace this influence to tackle drink drivers, by encouraging mates to intervene, at a time when social drinking is at it's peak. 

THINK! is producing three new videos showing how mates go out their way to look out for each other to ensure they don't drink and drive. This content will run on social media and online video platforms in the run up to Christmas.

Research showed many young men felt awkward about intervening when a mate was intending to drive after drinking. The THINK! campaign will use humour to encourage young men to step in and speak up. 

The key campaign message will be: 

A mate doesn't let a mate drink drive

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