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Ageing & Safe Mobility Knowledge Hub launched

21 May 2020

This summer marks the launch of the new digital knowledge hub on vulnerability of older road users, accompanied by a 5-part webinar series on ageing and safe mobility. Registration is now open here.

Originally planned as a conference, ‘Ageing and Safe Mobility: 21st Century Streets’ will now be launched with many of the same speakers, delivering virtual content that is free to access.

Working with leading academics and the British Society of Gerontology special interest group on transport and mobility, these sessions will cover new resources developed through the DfT funded Older Mobility project as well as looking at the wider research arena to develop our understanding of the emerging mobility needs of older citizens.

As The Department for Transport’s Road Safety Statement 2019 - A Lifetime of Road Safety placed an increased focus on the needs of all older road users, especially the vulnerable, several new pieces of work are now being launched to consider how the Safe System can work more effectively to meet the needs of an ageing population. Tanya Fosdick’s work in reviewing the policy landscape is accompanied by studies looking at infrastructure, vehicles, road users and post collision response, with the expert authors contributing to the webinars.

The final session will also provide participants with an opportunity to hear from Dr Julie Gandolfi on her stimulating and challenging work reviewing global research for the RAC Foundation, which highlights the potential for new technologies to improve driver safety.

In addition to new reports and the digital knowledge hub, webinar recordings and further resources will then be made available through the new digital hub at OlderMobility.com.

RoadSafe director John Plowman, chairman of the project, said: “In recent years the emphasis in research and among practitioners has often focussed on interventions for drivers. By looking at each aspect of this Safe System model we have turned a spotlight on what needs to be done to reduce the risk for older vulnerable road users as well. In challenging times, these webinars represent an important opportunity to work across sectors to develop insight and understanding about the challenges of safe mobility for an ageing population.”

The Older Mobility programme has been possible through grant funding to RoadSafe to deliver a digital platform which shares a best practice review of road safety risks for older road users. It is being is being delivered by a partnership of RoadSafe Road Safety Analysis, the Road Safety Foundation and the RAC Foundation.

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