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Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory

21 September 2020

The Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory (APRSO) is the regional forum on road safety data, policies and practices to ensure the protection of human life on the roads across Asia and the Pacific.

APRSO was established by a group of international development organisations, 

It is a concerted effort by the development community and road safety stakeholders to better support countries in Asia and the Pacific in their efforts to drastically reduce road traffic fatalities and serious injuries. The objectives of APRSO are to:

  • Collect, manage and analyse an Asia and Pacific regional database for road crashes in Member countries, facilitating on-going applied research and data-driven interventions.
  • Provide research and technical assistance for Members on road crash data collection systems, standards and norms.
  • Share research, evidence and technical material, software and necessary tools for collecting and analysing road crash data.
  • Share evidence and foster dialogue on road safety within Asia and the Pacific.
  • Support the creation of a governing body and a lead agency for road safety in every Member state, as well as strengthen existing ones.
  • Provide capacity building on technical issues and evidence based guidelines related to road safety.
  • Establish cooperation agreements for implementing and evaluating road safety action plans among Members.
  • Monitor the progress on road safety of each Member.
  • Promote good practice on national and regional road safety policies and strategies.
  • Informed by research and evidence help assess how to reduce factors that lead to serious road injuries in Member states.

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