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Brake webinars to manage work-related work safety

8 February 2017

Brake has organised a series of webinars to help manage work-related road safety. They are being held in one, or both of, two different time zones: GMT (United Kingdom) or NZST (New Zealand). This is to enable maximum participation in Brake events around the globe.

All events are relevant to fleet managers anywhere in the world, unless specified as country-specific and are as follows:

1. Webinar (NZ) "I just didn't see it" - Tackling hazard awareness and perception among fleet drivers
14th March 2017.
This webinar will explore hazard perception among drivers, the challenges for fleet managers, and best practice methodologies for addressing the issue.

2. Webinar (UK) Managing road risk and promoting sustainability for car fleets
28th March 2017.
This webinar will address safety and sustainability in car fleet management, including company fleets and the use of employees' cars for work and to commute.

3. Webinar (UK) Look Sharp: Tackling driver eyesight in your fleet
4th April 2017
This webinar will address the risk of poor driver eyesight, and the importance of combatting it in your fleet.

4. Webinar (UK) Eliminating driver distraction in your fleet
7th June 2017
Hear from academics and practitioners about how to eliminate and mitigate the distraction of communication technology.

5. Webinar (UK) The benefits of ultra low emission vehicles
4th July 2017
This webinar will explore the growing fleet popularity of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs).

More webinars will be announced shortly.

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