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Webinar - Eliminating driver distractions.

4 September 2019

The Eliminating driver distractions  Global Fleet Champions' webinar will take place on the 10th October 2019 - 2pm-3pm GMT+1.

Driving requires the full attention of the driver. Hazards can arise at any time, and vehicles can travel a considerable distance in the short amount of time it takes a driver to notice and react to a danger. A moment’s distraction can have fatal consequences. Anything that draws the driver’s attention away from the road – through sight, sound, thought or physical action – is a distraction. Preventing driver distraction is one of the most important things that fleet managers can do to make their workforce safer.

Our academic and practitioner speakers will discuss:

  • why distraction is an important road safety issue, and why drivers get distracted
  • the addictiveness and distractions of different technologies
  • policies to help reduce driver distraction
  • measures to help employers identify drivers who may be at risk of being distracted
  • measures to raise awareness of distraction through education and communication programme

Who should attend?

  • Representatives of any organisation that employs people who drive for work, including:
  • fleet managers
  • health and safety managers
  • transport managers
  • HR professionals

The webinar is also relevant for road safety NGOs, fleet suppliers, insurers, fleet risk management and driver training providers.

Please click here to register and for more information please click here.

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