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Managing company vehicles during COVID-19

14 April 2020

A Fleet News Webinar presented by Driving for Better Business and FleetCheck will take place on Thursday 16th April, 2.00 - 2.45pm.

Whether your drivers are working from home, furloughed or part of the country’s essential operations during this difficult time, this webinar outlines the key issues all fleets are going to face now and over the coming weeks and months.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What the temporary law changes mean and, more importantly, what they don’t mean
  • Why following established procedures is more important than ever
  • The immediate and ongoing implications for risk management
  • Driver recruitment and eligibility for essential fleets
  • Driver wellbeing including fatigue and mental health
  • Vehicle sanitisation
  • Implications for company car BIK
  • Vehicle maintenance challenges for operational and mothballed vehicles (including electric)
  • Fleet admin and housekeeping during the disruption
  • Managing the fleet to keep the business financially sound
  • Reinstating a mothballed fleet after lockdown
  • Safety challenges when bringing furloughed drivers back to work
  • Returning to a normal vehicle maintenance regime.

The presenters will be Simon Turner, RoadSafe campaigns director, Driving for Better Business and Peter Golding, FleetCheck managing director.

To register please click here.

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