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‘New generation’ of courses for traffic offenders

7 November 2018

Story from Road Safety GB.

Three new re-education courses are being introduced for traffic offenders, following a review of content and delivery methods.

The review was conducted by UKROEd – the organisation responsible for the National Speed Awareness Course and other driver education courses for low-end offenders across the UK.

Key changes include:

  • The introduction of new versions of the National Speed Awareness, ‘What’s Driving Us’ and ‘Safe, Considerate Driving’ courses.
  • A streamlining of the courses on offer sees an end to the current ‘NSAC 20’ 20mph speed awareness course and the ‘Driving 4 Change’ course.

Information relating to 20mph speed awareness will be included within the standard National Speed Awareness Course, and people who may previously have been offered ‘Driving 4 Change’ may now be offered the ‘What’s Driving Us’ course.

The new National Speed Awareness Course features a series of specially commissioned videos and animations – including a six-minute video tackling speed and stopping distances.

In addition, all courses will be centrally collated to ensure consistency and quality across all providers.

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