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e-Safety Technology Briefings

16 April 2013

In partnership with other eSafety Aware members in the UK, we will be delivering a programme of product/technology briefings and awareness-raising events for fleet decision-makers and influencers to increase their understanding of the safety and business benefits of current and future e-safety systems. 

The events are designed to increase awareness of vehicle eSafety, especially:

• The importance of e-Safety in crash reduction.
• Improved understanding of EuroNCAP ratings (current and planned).
• Business benefits of choosing the most advanced e-Safety systems – risk and fuel reduction.
• Overall contribution to road safety and reduced cost of ownership.

The target audience will include company fleet purchasing directors, fleet managers, leasing company policy managers, motoring and consumer press - especially the fleet press, UK road safety stakeholders including the UK Dept for Transport and road safety officers, OEM dealer sales training managers and the independent dealership organisations.

There will be two main types of event:

Exhibitions and displays at fleet shows and association meetings.

Special briefing days delivered to between 15 and 20 delegates.

Each event will  be supported by research findings and whenever possible include a hands-on driving experience of eSafety vehicle technologies to include: ESC, AEBS, ACC, lane keeping systems and a demonstration of ABS for motorcycles.  (One special briefing session will focus on ABS for motorcycles)

The first event will be demonstrations in association with Thatcham at The Fleet World Show on 24 April

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