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RoSPA's 2015 Road Safety Conference

13 February 2015

Road safety professionals and businesses alike are key pedestrian safety stakeholders which need to rise to the challenge of increasing pedestrian numbers. Pedestrians accounted for nearly 25% of all UK road fatalities in 2013, so how can walking rates be safely increased without increasing casualties?

RoSPA’s 2015 Road Safety Conference will explore a range of tools and ideas which can help provide solutions to such a task.

Attendees will:

  • Consider the impact of factors including: pedestrian behaviour, environments (both shared and traditional), technology and innovation on the future of pedestrian safety.
  • Learn about a revolutionary behavioural change model, transferable to all road safety projects and interventions.
  • Discuss if publicity is still relevant within the Education, Training and Publicity (ETP) matrix. How can it be delivered on a shoe-string, learning from national and local best practice.
  • Look at the responsibilities of local authorities, vehicle manufacturers and operators, researchers, and policy makers in improving pedestrian safety.

View the full programme here.

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