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The New gTKP portal is now available.

9 May 2007

We would like to invite you to visit and register on the portal.Search for and browse for transport knowledge across themes that engage with the three focus areas - Governance in Transport, Environment Health and Safety and Rural Transport.

The Portal will update you with regular blogs and invite you to join online discussions on key issues, as well as developing content and attending key events. build your own on-line portal.

By registering as a member you www.gtkp.com/Pages/LoginDiscription.aspx and to make it even easier gTKP has provided two types of registration – basic and advanced – to meet different user needs.

This will normally be granted within one working day. If you have any difficulties registering, please email info@gtkp.com.

The new portal enables you to reflect the full range of transport policy, management and maintenance, with links to key organisations and resources from organisations such as the World Bank, PIARC, professional associations and in-country experts.

It will not only be able to post questions and comments and take part in discussions, you will be also be able to publish your own personal profile in our on-line directory and to contact other members.

So that you can get the most out of the new site, we would like to invite you to register now. It is free and only takes a few moments. You can register directly on the site by clicking on the link here:


Once you have submitted your registration it will be sent to gTKP for approval and to make it even easier gTKP has provided two types of registration – basic and advanced – to meet different user needs.

If you’d just like to browse the new site, please click here to access the homepage: www.gtkp.com

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