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New: Safety Case Framework

18 July 2019

The Safety Case Framework – a report by Zenzic and authored by the Transport Research Laboratory, is now available to download.

It sets out detailed safety requirements to be used across the Testbed UK ecosystem – enabling a consistent approach and delivering a more seamless customer journey.

The Code of Practice for Automated Vehicle Trialling released earlier this year by the Department for Transport, promotes responsible vehicle testing and details some safety recommendations, including the requirement for a safety case.

Zenzic identified a further requirement for a consistent approach across testbeds by setting out safety requirements in more detail. An initial workshop identified desirable features for the guidance, and to further develop the standard, key stakeholders attended a follow-up workshop to discuss content which now forms the basis of this report.

This framework will be built upon by:

  • BSI and Zenzic working to develop the framework further into a publicly available specification later this year
  • Zenzic, TRL and the wider connected and automated mobility ecosystem enhancing the guidance for safety and developing processes to allow for the safety cases to be moved between testbeds.
  • Zenzic is working with BSI to develop the framework further into a publicly available specification later in 2019.

To download the report please click here.

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