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PACTS launches latest Road Safety Dashboard

11 November 2015

PACTS has launched Issue 2 of the PACTS/Direct Line Constituency Road Safety Dashboard.

The Dashboard is a unique set of online reports that present key road casualty information at Parliamentary constituency level, based on casualties to the residents, even if the collision occurred outside the constituency.

Using information from DfT STATS19, the Dashboard presents information on casualties for residents of the constituency, rather than looking only at collision locations.

The Dashboard also provides an analysis of progress over the last few years, comparing each constituency against the national average.

Issue two includes the following:

  • Latest casualty figures (2014 data, released September 2015)
  • An emphasis on KSI figures
  • Cyclist casualty rates by constituency
  • Regional comparisons
  • Separate analysis for local roads and strategic roads (Motorways and major “A” roads) 
  • Improved maps




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