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Research begins into the safe use of motorcycles and three-wheelers in sub-Saharan Africa

23 March 2018

Transaid has begun key research to enhance understanding of safe motorcycle and three-wheeler use for rural transport in four African countries – Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The project is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) as part of the Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP), and is being delivered in partnership with road safety NGO Amend and the Transport Research Laboratory. The initiative is aimed to improve affordable and safe access for people using motorcycles, motorcycle taxis and three-wheelers.

Our Road Safety Project Manager, Neil Rettie, will be the project’s Motorcycle Safety Specialist. He will provide support to the project’s national experts who hold in-depth knowledge about the four countries.

Neil says, “The use of motorcycles has increased significantly, and they are now one of the most utilised vehicles on rural roads across these four countries. However, this means of transport is largely informal and therefore strategies to address safety are still relatively underdeveloped, particularly on low-volume roads in rural areas.

“There is a pressing need to establish affordable and appropriate procedures to allow local people to benefit from motorcycle use and services safely. This project aims to develop realistic recommendations and potential solutions which will be beneficial to people who rely on these forms of transport.”

Tom Bishop, Deputy Director of Amend and the project’s Team Leader, says: “We recognise the vital service that motorcycles, and three-wheelers provide in rural areas. Blanket bans are not the answer, but in order to reduce the risk of road crashes concerning these vehicles, a strong framework which takes into account accessibility and safety is necessary.”

The project is due to continue until September 2018, at which point the findings from the research will be shared through media outlets with the goal being that the recommendations be implemented by the government bodies in the four countries.

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