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The DVSA to hold a series of roadshows

5 October 2015

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency last year commissioned research to look at how it can improve compulsory basic training (CBT). The main aim was to have courses that better prepare learner riders to ride safely on public roads.

The research findings helped to inform the options and proposals for change that were developed with industry stakeholders. There was a public consultation on the change proposals earlier this year and the responses were published in July.

The DVSA will introduce a new CBT standards check from January 2016 to assess how CBT is taught. The assessment will look at 3 areas of competence:

  • lesson planning
  • risk management
  • teaching and learning strategies

Like the standards check for approved driving instructors, this will be more closely aligned to the 'National standard for driver and rider training'. It will also move training to a more client-centred approach, where trainers are asked to understand the individual learning needs of each learner.

The new standards check will make it clear what’s expected from trainers – highlighting areas of strength and identifying those for development.

The DVSA are holding a series of roadshows across the country in November to talk about these changes in more detail.

These events will be taking place throughout November at 4:30pm and 6pm from the following test centres:

Birmingham: Monday 2 November

Darlington: Tuesday 3 November

Edinburgh: Wednesday 4 November

Manchester Bredbury: Thursday 5 November

Peterborough: Monday 16 November

Mitcham: Tuesday 17 November

Exeter: Wednesday 18 November

Newport: Thursday 19 November

Enfield: Friday 20 November

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