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The FIA Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary,

17 December 2021

The Foundation was established by the FIA in 2001, and began its work in earnest in early 2002. With a remit to work on road safety, sustainable mobility and safe motor sport, the charity has been a leader and funder in global road safety advocacy, and has supported many successful initiatives over the past two decades.

Speaking at the AGM, the FIA Foundation’s Chairman, Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, highlighted some of the Foundation’s achievements including:

  • Helping to build the global road safety movement from literally nothing twenty years ago to deliver several UN resolutions, three Ministerial conferences, a World Bank facility and a UN fund, two Decades of Action, and a UN development target.
  • Funding many of the major safety improvements in motor sport, from fire resistant clothing to extrication training, from high-speed barriers to the Halo.
  • Returning tens of millions of euros in charitable grants to our member clubs, for mobility and motor sport activities, campaigns and projects.
  • Supporting innovative research on road safety and poverty; transport and social exclusion; impact investing; the needs and rights of women in transport; and much more.
  • Working with technical experts, the NGO community and FIA member clubs to build the leading global programmes on crash testing, road assessment, fuel efficiency and safe journeys to school.

A copy of the commermorative review can be downloaded here.

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