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TyreSafe release 2023 Tread Depth Survey Results

16 November 2023

TyreSafe releases findings from their largest-ever Tread Depth Survey of tyres at the point of replacement, providing valuable data on the condition of tyres and highlighting positive trends in tyre safety awareness.

The results reveal significant positive trends in tyre safety awareness, marking a 10% decrease in illegal tread depth over less than a decade. This comprehensive study, examining over half a million tyres replaced across the UK, demonstrates that our collective efforts to raise awareness about tyre safety are making a difference.

Key Survey Findings:

  • In England, there has been a notable reduction of 9.9% in illegal tyres at the point of replacement, with 17.1% of replaced tyres being illegal.
  • A substantial decrease of 12.7% in borderline tyres at the point of replacement has resulted in 57.5% of replaced tyres being either illegal or borderline.
  • However, we must remain vigilant as 16.7% of tyres continue to be replaced below the legal limit, highlighting the importance of ongoing education and action.


The data suggests that as many as nearly one in four vehicles on Britain's roads may have illegal tyres, equating to over 6.1 million annually. While we celebrate the positive shift in tyre safety awareness, these findings underscore the need for continued efforts to ensure safer roads for all.

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