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Webinar: Fleet risk gap analysis and driver fatigue

27 November 2019

Simon Turner, Campaign Manager of Driving for Better Business will be taking part in a Barbour EHS/SHP online webinar on Driver Safety, Risk Assessment and Fatigue starting at 11am on Thursday 28th November.

Topics covered will be:

  • Identifying and filling compliance gaps through safety risk assessment for work driving
  • The business case for improved driver safety procedures
  • Improved driver engagement, compliance and wellbeing through better safety policies
  • How strong leadership is needed to deliver sustainable improvement
  • A look at sleep statistics across the developed world and how sleep impacts health, safety and productivity
  • A review of some key statistics on driver fatigue, the incidence and attitudes towards drowsy driving
  • Tell-tale signs, effective and ineffective countermeasures to drowsy driving
  • Why working hours are not sufficient alone and what you can do to combat this issue

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