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Government review recommends benefits overhaul for self-employed drivers

13 July 2017

Story from Fleet News.

The recently published Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices recommends new legislation to clarify the difference between being self-employed and being a worker. It also recommends the term ’worker’ be replaced with the new definition of ‘dependent contractor’.

In a video interview with the BBC, Matthew Taylor, the lead of the review, said, “We think the critical determinant is control and supervision.

“When you do a job, are you being controlled and supervised? If you’re being controlled and supervised then probably you’re a worker and you should get worker’s rights, and also the organisation that pays you should be paying national insurance.”

Worker status or dependent contractor status, if it is renamed, would mean companies would have to pay national minimum wage, they would have to offer a statutory minimum level of paid holiday and workers cannot work more than 48 hours on average a week (they can opt out of this if they choose).

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