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IAM calls for driver and rider improvement to be an election issue

10 April 2010

The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) has published its Road Safety Manifesto for the May 6 general election, calling for urgent support from all political parties to promote driver and rider improvement on UK roads.

Two of the more radical ideas in the IAM manifesto, which is designed to cut the unacceptable number of road deaths and injuries every year, are new incentives for Chief Constables to provide high profile policing, and tax breaks for companies offering their staff drivers further driver training.

“A lifelong approach to learning, delivered through advanced training, is the single biggest factor that can benefit road safety,” said Simon Best, IAM Chief Executive.

“Human error is the biggest cause of crashes, so improving driver ability is the best way to deliver real reductions in road deaths and injuries: better driver behaviour must be the key road safety priority for the next ten years.

“Young drivers, older drivers, motorcyclists and business drivers are the groups that would benefit the most from further training.”

The IAM wants the Government to play its part by providing simple incentives for those considering further training such as tax breaks and Vehicle Excise Duty discounts, with any cost to the exchequer being redeemed through savings from fewer crashes.

The IAM considers visible policing to be a much overlooked deterrent to reckless driving. More police on the road will encourage good driver behaviour and deny the use of the of the road to a reckless minority, says the organisation. The full IAM manifesto is available here.

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