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RoSPA launches updated Driver Profiler 20:20

13 October 2010

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has launched a new and improved version of Driver Profiler, bringing its award-winning online driver risk assessment tool right up to date.

Driver Profiler 20:20 is designed to assess whether someone is a low, medium or high-risk driver by measuring psychometric, demographic and behavioural factors that influence driver safety.This enables managers to identify those drivers in need of further training and make informed decisions as to what is required.

The updated package features a much shorter question set - 45 questions in all, which only take 10 minutes to complete. The questions also take into account new technologies such as sat navs and hands-free mobile phones.

In addition to improving the content of the software, it is more user friendly and visually pleasing. More tailored feedback is given for every question answered as well as an overall risk rating; and on completion the driver receives the report instantly. An inbuilt consistency checker ensures that accurate reports are produced.

Managers are able to access reports showing who is at risk and why, and are able to export data into a spreadsheet, tailoring the results to their specific requirements.

Kevin Clinton, RoSPA’s head of road safety, said, “Driver Profiler 20:20 has been developed through an 18-month research programme involving nearly 2,500 drivers. The result is a contemporary driver assessment tool specifically designed for at-work driving which will help employers make the most of limited driver training budgets”.

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