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AEB: powerful ally in the reduction of road acccidents

3 May 2015

It uses technologies such as radar, lasers and optical sensors to identify other vehicles and in many cases pedestrians. AEB automatically applies the brakes if the driver does not respond in time, to avoid or mitigate a collision, saving countless lives, injuries and inconvenience.

Why is this technology so important?

  • AEB reduces the occurence of low speed accidents by around 20%
  • Systems are most effective at lower speeds (<25 mph) where more than 75% of accidents occur
  • Also effective in mitigating the devastating effects of higher speed crashes

Thatcham tests and accredits AEB systems on behalf of Euro NCAP and the insurance industry and are therefore well aware of the effectiveness of these systems. Help us spread the word and support our campaign to drive the increased standard fitment of AEB systems by vehicle manufacturers. Tweet your support to #stopthecrash

Join us at the Fleet Show at Silverstone on 12th May and try out these systems for yourself which help #stopthe crash.