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Parents influence on young drivers

1 August 2013

The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland) have launched a new campaign which focuses on the influence parents’ driving can have on the way their children drive.

Keith Brown, Scotland’s transport minister described the campaign as “ground-breaking” and a “world first”.

The ‘Kids in the Car’ campaign is based on the premise that every time parents get behind the wheel with their children in the car, they are giving them a lesson which could save their lives in the future. It draws on research which demonstrates that from a very young age children’s future prospects are influenced to a large extent by their parents' and carers’ behaviour.

RoadSafe believes that all parents need to reflect from time to time and ask themselves two questions:

• Am I putting my family at risk?
• Am I an ideal role model?

A Parent's Guide supported by RoadSafe is also available for download here.

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