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Budweiser Launches 'Celebrate Responsibly' packs

20 October 2013

Budweiser has announced the launch of new limited edition Christmas themed packaging.

The Christmas can packs communicate the message, ‘Celebrate Responsibly’, and will be rolled out across key multiple retailers from 21st October.

The packs encouraging consumers to ‘Celebrate Responsibly,’ also carries other responsible drinking messages including the importance of designating a driver, being considerate of others and drinking in moderation.

A bespoke Christmas ‘Give Back’ pack will also be launched in ASDA. Proceeds from the sale of this pack will used by RoadSafe for funding further research into the effectiveness of designated driver programmes.

Budweiser has been a supporter of ‘Designate a Driver’ for more than twenty years and implements numerous programmes across the globe that promote the use of designated drivers at bars, restaurants and home gatherings.

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