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IHT's Collision, Prevention & Reduction Guidelines

11 June 2007

New guidelines to prevent and reduce the number of accidents on UK roads will be launched on 10 July at Church House Conference Centre in London . The IHT's Collision, Prevention & Reduction Guidelines will replace the Highway Safety Accident Reduction & Prevention Guidelines published by IHT in 1986.

The conference will give details of the guidelines and include case studies and presentations on road safety monitoring. The winner of the IHT Road Safety Award 2007 will also give a speech. The guidelines have been designed to bring together best practice within the road safety community. It has been built around a framework of five elements – data, structure, systems, finance and monitoring. The new document builds on the foundations provided in the original guidelines, which set the agenda for collision reduction over the last two decades. It will enable local authorities and trunk road agents to apply a systematic and inclusive approach to road safety.

Please see the IHT website for further details or Simon Hawkins, Events Organiser on 020 7391 9956 or by email conferences@iht.org