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Fall in Drink Driving Offences

18 January 2008

The number of motorists caught drink-driving over the Christmas period fell by nearly a fifth, figures show.

The UK THINK! Christmas Drink Drive campaign was launched on Friday 30 November. Following the successful launch of the new approach in July 2007, we will be continuing with the same strategy for Christmas.

The aim of the campaign was to confront the target audience with the bleak reality of getting caught drink driving in order to get them to resist the temptation of having a second pint then driving this Christmas. The key message is 'That pint could come between you and Christmas', which will also be used as a strapline in the advertising materials.

The current leaflet and posters are relevant for the Christmas campaign and are currently available to be viewed and ordered directly from the THINK catalogue.

The team is always willing to support professionals across the world with the advice

Full details here

More information available here .

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