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Review of Good Practice Manuals

19 December 2008

With support from gTKP,GRSP is conducting a survey of the use and value of the series of Good Practice Manuals produced under the auspices of the UN Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) – The first three manuals on: Helmets, Drinking and Driving, and Speed Managementare available on the gTKP web site and have also been widely distributed by members of the UNRSC. The aim of the review is to map current use and to get feedback in order to guide the development of new and improved products.

The manuals can also be downloaded from the WHO web site

If you or your organisation has used one or more of the Manuals please contact Rikke Rysgaard or David Silcock to receive a short questionaire in order to record your views rikke.rysgaard@gmail.com or dtsilcock@gmail.com