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Road safety Observatory updated

16 February 2016

Two updated reviews have been added to the Road Safety Observatory: Speed and Safety Cameras.

The speed evidence highlights that in 2014, excessive or inappropriate speed was a contributory factor to 467 road deaths, 24 per cent of the total. Seventeen per cent of fatalities (282) had ‘exceeding the speed limit’ as a contributory factor in the accident, and a further 11 per cent (185) had a vehicle ‘travelling too fast for the conditions’.

Evidence also shows that the deployment of safety cameras leads to appreciable reductions in speed in the vicinity of the cameras, and substantial reductions in Road Traffic Incidents (RTIs) and that big falls in fatal or serious casualties at camera sites have persisted over time.

The Road Safety Observatory aims to provide easy access to independent road safety research and information for anyone working in road safety and for members of the public, thus improving the consistency and effectiveness of road safety delivery. It is an essential source for all professionals.

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