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50th CIECA CONGRESS 2018: Call for papaers

8 November 2017

The 50th CIECA General Assembly and Congress ''Safe driving for life: changing attitude and behaviour through education, training and testing'' will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st May 2018. It will be hosted by the Driver & Vehicle Agency in the Europa Hotel, situated in Belfast City Centre.

Over the years various changes in driver education, training and testing have been introduced around the world in an attempt to improve the ability of novice drivers and reduce the risk of them being involved in a collision. These changes are mainly designed to address both the inexperience and immaturity of (young) novice drivers and have generally been in the form of:

  • Changes to the overall structure of pre-test practice, for instance introducing a minimum number of hours of on-road driving before a learner is allowed to take the practical test.
  • Improving the quality of driver training and education, in terms of structure, methods and/or content to include elements of high-order skills associated with the GDE matrix.
  • Changes to the driving test, such as longer on road driving times in the practical test, introducing independent driving and the introduction of hazard perception testing.
  • The introduction of probationary periods, with restrictions and tighter conditions for novice drivers in the initial driving period after passing the test.

Abstracts are invited from potential speakers to present.

Information on the submission guidelines can be found here . Please note that the deadline for the submission of the abstracts is 8th December 2017.

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