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National Highways launches new Fleet Manager Monthly Update online library of resources

12 April 2023

National Highways has launched a new Fleet Manager Monthly Update online library through its Driving for Better Business programme to help the growing number of organisations find the right resources for their drivers. It can be accessed via a QR code sticker in the vehicle, with the subject focus changed monthly.

The first – on driver fatigue – has a range of more than 10 assets including a poster, the most recent “Toolbox Talk” video, plus tips from the Van Driver Toolkit.

Research shows that driver fatigue may be a contributory factor in up to 20% of road incidents, and up to one quarter of fatal and serious incidents.

It presents a risk for fleets, drivers and for the general public: commercial vehicle drivers are particularly vulnerable to fatigue due to demanding workloads and high mileage.

Fatigue can mean tiredness, loss or concentration, or sleepiness. It affects coordination, reaction times and the ability to process what’s happening. It causes poor lane discipline, poor speed control, irrational responses and many other risky behaviours.

To protect drivers and the public from the effects of fatigue, those who manage and run fleets should:

  • educate drivers about fatigue
  • encourage good sleep patterns and create a culture in which genuine fatigue is a legitimate reason for not driving
  • ensure that shift pattern and organisational pressures do not create undue fatigue in drivers.

“This online library allows fleet managers to share information that changes each month,” says Mark Cartwright, Head of the Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Team at National Highways. “Fleet managers can share links via emails or simply via a QR code sticker in the vehicle, so that the driver can click on the link by phone.”

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