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Northgate Vehicle Hire receives International Health & Safety Award

16 June 2010

Driving for Better Business championNorthgate Vehicle Hire, has gained another prestigious international safety award, inrecognition for its exceptional health and safety standards.

The company was recently awarded an Occupational Health & Safety Gold Award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and has now gained the International Safety Award from the British Safety Council. This is the second consecutive year that Northgate Vehicle Hire has won both awards.

The company operates a fleet of over 60,000 vehicles from more than 60 locations throughout the UK and Ireland. Northgate offer commercial vehicles for hire, fleet management, vehicle monitoring and other associated services.

Julie Nerney, British Safety Council chief executive said, “I congratulate Northgate Vehicle Hire for their award, which shows a clear commitment to health and safety best practice and is helping to make our vision of a healthy and safe working environment a reality.”

Colin Gilstin, the Group’s Safety & Environment Manager commented: “The health and well-being of our employees is a primary focus for Northgate Vehicle Hire. We feel that winning this prestigious award for a second successive year confirms Northgate's commitment to achieving and promoting safety within our work places.”

Northgate’s aim is to lead the field where safety is concerned. Dedication to meeting this aim also assists its customers to meet their own duty of care obligations within their businesses’.

Northgate has now trained more than 700 of its employees to the British Safety Council Level 1 standard in Health and Safety at Work. This year the company’s senior managers are undertaking the 3 day level 2 training course in Supervising Staff Safely. Northgate Health & Safety team are accredited BSC course providers and carry out the training courses in-house. This ensures consistent standard levels whilst improving knowledge and culture within the company.

The British Safety Council leads the way in promoting health, safety and environmental best practice. This international Award recognises and acknowledges that organisations and their employees have achieved health, safety and environmental excellence.

For more information on the Northgate Vehicle Hire please visit their website.

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