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The Fleet World Fleet Show 2015

11 March 2015

The ‘Stop the Crash’ driver experience is being demonstrated at this year’s event on Tuesday 12th May, by the insurance industry-backed Thatcham Research Centre, alongside Bosch and Driving For Better Business. It will focus on the very latest Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems, one of the most important primary safety technologies of recent years.

Fleet decision-makers will be able to experience at first hand the latest AEB technologies in three key test driving conditions which will take place on a specially set-aside area of the Silverstone circuit that will have a regular shuttle bus service throughout the day. They are:

  • The city test, at speeds of under 20mph, fleet managers will be able to take the wheel in a controlled environment which shows how effective AEB can be in classic urban driving conditions.
  • The inter-urban test, they will be able to experience from the passenger seat with a Thatcham-approved driver at the wheel how AEB can avoid or mitigate the effects of a collision at differential speeds of 50mph and beyond.
  • The pedestrian test, which becomes part of the Euro-NCAP crash and safety test from next year, they will see how AEB identifies vulnerable road-users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, using stereo camera technology and then takes steps to avoid them.

For fleet decision-makers who would like to discuss the new systems in more detail, there will be a specially arranged roundtable session over lunch in the Silverstone wing, featuring representatives from Thatcham, Bosch and Driving for Better Business.

A Thatcham spokesman said, “In this year’s ‘Stop the Crash’ driver experience, fleet managers will be able experience just how effective the latest AEB is in reducing accidents, cutting costs and saving vehicle downtime, as well as trying some of the latest models on which it is now available.”

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