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New Approaches to Rural Roads

18 August 2008

LARSOA reports on new approach to safety on rural roads was launched last week by Norfolk County Council at the start of a three-year £1.5m national demonstration project.

Measures to be trialled in an area of north-east Norfolk include:

  • A new green de-restriction sign to warn drivers they are entering the minor road network
  • Half-metre run-off strips at key points on fast ‘A’ roads
  • Chasing chevrons on tight bends
  • The removal or guarding of some trees and clearance of undergrowth
  • Cutting sign clutter and enhancing the village environment
  • Short, sharp village speed campaigns
  • Targeting of motorcyclists, young and older drivers.

Three other counties - Devon, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire - have also been selected for the government funded demonstration project.

The project encourages the councils to explore innovative ways of improving safety on all types of country road - from fast and busy A and B roads to quiet lanes and byways.

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