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Private sector corporate social responsibility programmes recognised.

11 December 2018

This year, His Royal Highness Prince Michael has made three awards that recognise the huge contribution made through private sector corporate social responsibility programmes.

The first is to Goodyear, which through its ''Safer Roads, Safer You'' programme of complimentary training to independent taxi drivers and fleet operators.

Working with the Institute of Road Traffic Education it has trained over thirteen thousand drivers.


With traffic-related deaths per capita tripling over the past decade, Myanmar ranks second to the lowest in World Health Organisation’s Southeast Asia Road Safety Report.

Responding to this challenge, Shell Myanmar, with Myanmar Red Cross Society and The Global Road Safety Partnership, launched a road safety initiative focusing on the Yangon-Mandalay highway, nicknamed “Death Highway” which is notorious for its high crash rate.

The successful campaign:

  • Reached close to 14 million people in Myanmar
  • Increased road safety skills and knowledge of about 3,000 community members through engagement programmes
  • Contributed to a 30% decrease in highway crashes and death


Your Ideas Your Initiatives is a Global education programme on road safety and sustainable mobility for teenagers. Launched in 2011, at the project’s core is an international challenge promoted in schools on four continents. Over 400 projects have been carried out in seven years, by more than 12,500 students.

The approach, based on participation and action is structured into two steps: research and identification of a problem in the community, followed by the design of an education campaign and evaluation of impact. The objective of the programme is to inspire and empower students to carry out campaigns in their schools and communities, in order to improve road safety and sustainable mobility.



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