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Road Safety Support’s speed testing facility now an official laboratory

4 December 2018

Press release from Road Safety Support .

Road Safety Support’s facility for testing the accuracy of speed cameras and other speed measurement devices has passed a stringent accreditation process and is now recognised internationally as an official testing laboratory.

The not-for-profit company, which provides specialist services to the majority of police forces and highway authorities in the UK, has been awarded ISO 17025, the most important standard for testing laboratories around the world. It further enhances how state-of-the-art forensic technology methodology pioneered by the Road Safety Support team, is assisting police forces in bringing those who flout the law to justice.

The accreditation comes 18 months after Road Safety Support International (RSSi) was recognised for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade specialising in the development of international road safety strategies and training; with a particular focus on the enforcement element of road safety improvements. Although a small organisation; staff numbering around 20; RSSi have assisted a number of organisations in Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia to develop robust and effective road safety strategies that supports communities. Now with the RSS testing laboratory gaining accreditation, the team can continue to really make a difference both in the UK and Internationally.

The facility has been approved by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to test the accuracy of speed cameras, vehicle speedometers and other devices, either at its dedicated testing track or on any road across the world that is covered by GPS satellite service.

It is one of just a small number of accredited laboratories of its kind worldwide.

Trevor Hall, Managing Director of Road Safety Support, said: “We are incredibly proud to achieve this accreditation. It reflects the high standards, knowledge and professionalism of Road Safety Support and our team responsible for the testing and calibration process.

“This is a very unique accreditation that very few organisations in the world have obtained for this specific use.”

He added: “It is a very exciting time for our company, and this achievement is a testimony to our commitment to road casualty reduction by ensuring that the enforcement technology in use on our roads is effective and reliable.”

ISO 17025 specifies the competence and quality management system requirements for laboratories that provide testing or calibration services.

It gives confidence that the validity of the results provided and the accuracy of the measurements undertaken can be relied upon and are traceable to national standards.

For a number of years, Road Safety Support has been responsible for testing the reliability and accuracy of new speed cameras and other road traffic enforcement technologies in the Type Approval process, on behalf of the Home Office. The company will use its new accreditation to strengthen that process.

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