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Safer vehicles

Especially in developed economies, the introduction of modern vehicle safety technologies has made a significant contribution to improved road safety. Modern cars are built with the ‘safe system’ concept central to their design, provided that they are driven within the limits of the environment (road, weather, traffic conditions etc) they are designed to withstand a crash.

The most significant improvements in crashworthiness have been active safety systems such as stability control. Now autonomous emergency braking and other advanced driver assistance systems are further reducing the vulnerability of vehicle occupants and other road users.

We work to support EuroNCAP  which is committed to providing reliable, comprehensive and timely consumer information on the safety of new cars and believes its processes ensure an accurate rating of vehicles’ performance.

Encouraging universal deployment of improved vehicle safety technologies for both passive and active safety through a combination of harmonization of relevant global standards, consumer information schemes such as Global NCAP and incentives to accelerate the uptake of new technologies is an essential pillar of the Decade of Action for Road Safety.