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One More Second: a course aiming for safer behaviours behind the wheel

21 July 2017

Story from Fleet News

Edriving has launched One More Second, a two-hour online course to train, educate and motivate new and experienced fleet drivers to adopt safer behaviours behind the wheel.

The course was initially launched in the United states in response to demand, but has now been tailored for UK drivers.

Edriving says it reinforces the core principles of defensive driving:

  • anticipating other drivers’ actions
  • identifying threats before they become problems
  • avoiding risk taking driving behaviour that leads to distraction

Ed Dubens, executive vice-president of eDriving’s fleet division, said, “It starts with awareness. Certainly all drivers are going to experience frustration, impatience, lack of focus, and even occasional anger while driving.The goal is to equip drivers with tools to manage their emotions, challenges, and choices before they lead to destructive actions.

“Even the course name underscores our focus on activating meaningful awareness that motivates lasting behavioural change – adding one more second to a driver’s safe following distance literally reduces the chance of collision by up to two-thirds.”

The two-hour course provides companies and organisations with interactive content that aims to ensure drivers remain fully engaged.

Its interactive exercises include full-motion video ‘journeys’ that help drivers explore the types of hazards they are likely to encounter in city, motorway and suburban settings.

Hazard identification scanning exercises in full-motion video help drivers practice spotting threats before they become unavoidable dangers.

The course also includes knowledge checks and learning checklists along the way.



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