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16 June 2008

Employees driving their own cars on business are a potential health and safety timebomb for employers, says Inchcape Fleet Solutions, which is why they have launched ‘Grey Matters’.

The occupational road risk policing and management of staff who use their own cars on business - the so-called ‘grey fleet’ - is the total responsibility of companies and organisations in exactly the same way as employers are legally responsible for employees driving company vehicles.

However, industry research suggests that when it comes to managing the at-work driving risks associated with own-car business drivers a significant black hole emerges in terms of fleets undertaking risk assessments and putting in place a series of management interventions.

With the recent implementation of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act in addition to existing legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, it is vital, says Inchcape Fleet Solutions, that all employers focus on reducing their ‘grey fleet’ risk exposure.

Just as companies should have in place a company vehicle and driver audit trail demonstrating a corporate focus on occupational road risk management so the same applies to the ‘grey fleet’.

As a result ‘Grey Matters’ provides a comprehensive, one-stop shop peace of mind solution that enables employers, in the event of a crash involving an own-car driver on business, to prove they have implemented health and safety measures in accordance with the law and recommended best practice.

The ‘Grey Matters’ product portfolio includes:

  • A full risk assessment of all staff driving their own cars on business
  • Checks on vehicle MoT and service documentation
  • Checks to ensure that business insurance is in place
  • Driver license checks against the DVLA database
  • Checks to ensure a valid Road Fund License is in place
  • A company audit to highlight potential remedial solutions

Inchcape Fleet Solutions managing director Terry Bartlett said: “We would recommend that employers make it a condition of employment that staff expected to drive their own cars on business must provide valid vehicle-related documentation and undertake a risk assessment. Employees that are not prepared to meet employer requests for information may have something to hide.”

Once data checks have been undertaken all management information reports are provided to employers online - although details can also be sent by post or email if required. In addition, employees are sent online reminders to provide updated documents as and when required to ensure legal compliance.

Mr Bartlett added: “Our new service provides our customers with a comprehensive audit trail through an efficient and time-saving service.

 “‘Grey Matters’ is a new service that enables our customers to comply with all legislation relating to at-work drivers. Reports provided are proof of a competent and responsible corporate attitude towards ‘grey fleet’ drivers and any areas of weakness will be highlighted immediately and can then be eradicated with the implementation of a comprehensive training programme.”


Inchcape Fleet Solutions offers a wide ranging product portfolio that incorporates a leading edge approach to e-commerce, e-quotes, ECOS and personal contract purchase (under the ‘in-drive’ label). This is supported by the strength of the Inchcape group, which provides a complete automotive and financial services portfolio that is unrivalled in the industry.

For further information, please contact:

Rosie Barker-Howard, Marketing Manager Tel: 07834 703639.

Email: rosie.barker-howard@ifs.inchcape.co.uk

Web: www.ifs.inchcape.co.uk

For further information, visit us at www.inchcape.com

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