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The IRF: The Role of Road Safety Audits in Improving Traffic Safety

21 October 2020

A new online technical workshop:The Role of Road Safety Audits in Improving Traffic Safety will take place on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November.

The newly adopted UN Resolution on “Improving Global Road Safety” encourages Member States to make efforts to ensure the safety and protection of all road users through safer road infrastructure.

Road Safety Audits (RSAs) are one of the main risk assessment tools that can be applied at successive stages of road planning, design, and operations. 

This online technical workshop aims at:

  • Building the understanding of the importance and benefits of RSAs,
  • Providing basic information on the scope and procedure of RSAs as well as the role and skills of the RSA team.

Check the agenda for all the details.

Register here.

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